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We have all the nuts and snacks you ever need.

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 Mixed Nuts
A delicious blend of lightly salted nuts including unblanched Almonds, blanched Peanuts, Brazil N..
Austrailian Black Liquorice
Authentic Australian made, with natural flavors. Don't settle for the stiff plastic stuff, get th..
Butter Toffee Cashews
  Crunchy buttery toffee liberally coats each tender cashew. Habit forming, eat with cau..
Nut Case Combo
  The Perry’s classic, nutty fudge and cashews all in one crazy package. Receive a 1/2 p..
Nut-less Case Combo
Perry's classic WITHOUT the nuts in the fudge, because sometimes you feel like a nut...and someti..
Roasted Pecans
  Buttery roasted tender pecans with just the right amount of salt. Once you start snack..
Super Colossal Roasted Cashews
  Super Colossal Cashews, roasted with all the flavor and freshness just in the giant ec..
Authentic Maine Needham
Authentic Maine want them, we've got them! Once upon a time, Maine was conside..
Top quality espresso beans covered in rich dark chocolate! ..
Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
Dark Chocolate Nonpareils, you know, those large round disks of chocolate covered on one side wit..
Double Dipped Milk Chocolate Peanuts
Some folks have bragged that our Double Dipped Milk Chocolate Peanuts are "the best in the WORLD!..
Perry's Hand-crafted Gourmet Candies
Perry's Hand-crafted Gourmet Candies are sought after for their quality and fresness. Our turtle ..
Pistachios Roasted & Salted
Fresh roasted and lightly salted, these natural pistachios are delectable! Like potatoe chips, "y..